Support Australia's Steel Industry - our country's future depends on it.

Support Australian Steel

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With the current economic climate, it is important now more than ever before, to stand behind Australian industries. Across the private and public sector, cities and regional communities, we ask you to continue to support Australian steel.

The Australian steel industry has:

  • helped our economy
  • created jobs
  • secured a future for our children

Supporting the Australian steel industry means that every dollar you spend is a dollar that’s invested back into our communities to support local families and businesses. This sustains our towns and communities. Investing money in these communities means we can safeguard the future for our children by continuing to create and manufacture products within Australia.

Supporting the Australian steel industry doesn’t just create jobs and boost the local economy, it simply makes good sense. Steel is critical to the homes our families are raised in; the stadiums where we support our teams; the buildings we work from; the roads and bridges we travel on; and the many products and services that improve our daily lives.

The Australian steel industry generates $29 billion in annual revenue and contributes $11 billion to Australia's GDP.

By meeting Australian Standards, you can be sure that the products manufactured and fabricated in Australia meet the harsh Australian conditions.