Haywards employees celebrated the career of two of Haywards longest serving workers.

100 Years of Service

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Today Haywards employees said their goodbyes to two employees who combined have built up almost 100 years of service. Michael 'Gossy' Goss and Keith McMullen's time with Haywards was celebrated today by all. Keith started with Haywards in 1971, through his career with the company he played a vital roll behind the controls of some of our largest cranes, ultimately having the responsibilities of multiple lives in his hands while also making sure the component went in or out without a scratch. Michael played a vital part in both the fabrication and construction side of the business, over his time he worked as a member of the site crews, fabricating in the workshop what ever he was called upon to work on and ran the plant 1 workshop from to delivering all projects to suit some very tight deadlines.

On behalf of all Crisp Bros. & Haywards staff we thank these two gentleman on their dedication over their years of service.