Crisp Bros. and Haywards Marine facility is a modern shipyard capable of providing turn key solutions from concept design through to delivery. Specialising in steel and aluminium construction including specialist marine fabrication.


Bay 1 - Production Hall

The production hall is where the main hull components are assembled. All hotworks are limited to this region of the shed. There is 6 x 5 tonne KONE overhead gantry cranes that can provide lifting capabilities to every section of the shed. Lifting is not limited to the 5 tonne overhead cranes as Haywards has a fleet of mobile truck cranes that can be called upon for larger lifts. The yard also has 2 x 16 tonne Franna mobile cranes.

Services such as air, argon and electricity are piped under the floor and set into the slab with outlet sumps arranged in a 10m grid pattern. The yard has a fleet of boom and scissor lifts to allow for safe access for working at heights. This bay provides a total plan area of 3035 square metres.

Bay 2 - Sandblasting and Painting

Once the hotwork phase of vessel construction is complete the vessel is moved from Bay 1 into Bay 2 to be sandblasted and painted. There is two large partition walls in the shed to isolate the paint bay from the production and outfitting halls so that work can continue in those sections of the shed whilst sandblasting and painting occurs in Bay 2.

There is an extraction system installed to remove sand blasting garnet and paint particles from the air and prevent the leakage of these particles into other sections of the site. Paint systems by a variety of suppliers such as Wattyl, Jotun or International can be applied depending upon client preference.

Bay 3 - Outfitting Hall

When painting is complete the vessel moves in to the Outfitting Hall for the final phase of the build. The outfitting hall is where all internal and external fitout occurs. There are a number of contractors that are engaged to undertake the fitout along with in house work from Haywards. There are electrical contractors that are permanently on site and a network of plumbing, joinery, hydraulics, insulation etc contractors that collaborate to complete the fitout of the vessel.

There is 6 x 5 tonne KONE overhead cranes throughout this section of the shed that allow for the installation of large machinery items and fitout materials. This region of the shed has a floor plan area of 3035 square metres.


The slipway has a capacity of 15 tonne/metre and a draft restriction of 4.2m. The slipway is incorporated into a yard wide vessel movement system that comprises of longitudinal and transverse bogie trains that allow vessels to be moved to and from all areas of the shed. There is a central trench running the length of the shed with a longitudinal bogie train that sits with the top face flush with the shed floor allowing for the transverse bogie train to transfer vessels to and from the central bogey train.

This system facilitates the workflow of a new build starting in Bay 1 and working through the shed towards the water as painting (Bay 2) and outfitting (Bay 3) is undertaken.


The wharf is 63m long and has 3 phase power, fresh water and diesel services running the length. The slab has a capacity of 25 tonne per metre and there is a water depth of 8.7 m at the end of the wharf.

Admin Office

The shipyard has a number of office spaces attached for the management, design team and clients. There is a meeting room, board room and office spaces for client representatives to utilise whilst their projects are underway in the yard.

There is a team of capable projects managers, workshop foremen and leading hands that ensure projects are run on time and efficiently executed. Project programs are monitored and updated in Microsoft Project and Project Reports are issued to clients on a regular basis.

Design Office

The design team is comprised of Naval Architects and draftsmen with many years of experience in the shipbuilding industry. The design office is capable of undertaking new build designs as well as providing technical support to externally designed vessels under construction in the yard. The design team can perform the following functions:

  • Concept design through to detailed design of new build vessels
  • Vessel modifications and load analysis
  • 3D modelling and drafting
  • Stability and load analysis
  • Structural calculations and FEA
  • Docking calculations and plans

The design team are proficient in the use of the following design resources:

  • Maxsurf Suite for hull modelling, stability, structure and seakeeping
  • Multiframe for structural analysis
  • Rhinoceros for 3D modelling
  • AutoCAD for drafting
  • Tekla structures for construction documentation

Project Capabilities

Crisp Bros. & Haywards Margate have the experience, capabilities and resources to undertake minor and major Marine Projects all within the shipyard facility.

Construction of new Vessels:

  • Design - Naval Architecture services
  • Manufacturing – Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel
  • Fit-out, including;
  • Carpentry/joinery
  • Plumbing
  • Flooring (internal and external)
  • Mechanical – Supply &/or installation
  • Electrical - 12V/24V and 415V
  • Sand Blasting and Painting

Slipping, survey, maintenance & general repairs:

  • Pressure washing
  • Painting
  • Surveying (AMSA &/or DNV), including;
  • Full survey
  • Out of water survey
  • Lifting equipment testing to meet survey and Australian Regulations
  • General repairs and maintenance - Steel, Aluminium and Stainless Steel
  • Design and undertake minor &/or major modifications
  • Re-fitting interiors
  • Electrical repairs, upgrades &/or modifications - 12V/24V and 415V
  • Lifting devices (Cranes, etc.) overhauled to meet Regulations
  • Ultrasonic thickness &/or crack testing and reporting

Workshop Capabilities & Services

  • 13 x 5t KONE Overhead Gantry crane
  • Boom Lift - 85ft
  • Boom Lift - 45ft
  • Scissor Lift (all terrain) – 26ft
  • 6 x Scissor Lift - 16ft
  • 60t Sunrise punch and shear
  • 45t Kingsland punch and shear
  • SH-500M Horizontal Bandsaw
  • 250mm Horizontal Bandsaw
  • VB-450M Vertical Bandsaw
  • 19.1 – 320mm Pipe Bevellers
  • FORONIUS Aluminium Pulse Welders
  • 200t break press
  • 3200mm x 12mm Guillotine
  • 16t Franna mobile crane
  • 35m longitudinal & transverse bogie carriages
  • 2 x Yard trucks
  • Sand Blasting and painting

Services, air, argon and electricity are piped under floor with access boxes set into the floor the slab in a 10-metre grid pattern.

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